Sheddy Goodness

Most of our heating is solar, but wood for winter takes up space and we don’t have much, coz our land is not far off a cliff. We can grow a good chunk of our firewood on site, but that requires space two store wood for the two years it takes to dry.

We’d run out of space, so it was time for a shed. And of course, it has to fit functionally and aesthetically with the rest of the house, so this was more complicated than usual. I mean, the shed itself is bog standard kitset in cedar, but then there was carving out the space for it, the foundations for it, shelving to hold more than a tonne of wood, and reinforcement for the living roof, coz that’s going to be about a quarter tonne of soil.

And, of course, I only want to build this once, so I want to build it right and help it stay durable. Given the damp spot that it’s in, that’s going to be fun…Read More »Sheddy Goodness

Xmas, therefore DIY

It’s the holiday season so, in accordance with both tradition and ancient prophecy, I’m making bits of wood into bigger bits of wood.

Moved in

Ok, we’ve moved. Thanks to the helpful horde, from truck arriving in Newtown to truck leaving from Brooklyn was two and a half hours, which… Read More »Moved in