Reasons to love Wellington

Four hour ride, starting from home, to top of Makara Peak and back. 80% off-road, mostly flowing single-track. Including new bridge.


My reference run goes from home in Brooklyn, along the road to Kingston, into the Tawatawa reserve and down Wharangi to Carlucci Land, up the… Read More »Progress

New workbench

From wood left over from the house build, bolted to wall and floor, and flat and level. Possibly making the top from three layers of… Read More »New workbench

2017 so far…

In short: I am going to continue to push for reform of drug policies because a friend is likely to die of his addiction problems. I’ve… Read More »2017 so far…

Monitor stand

And this week in “Jez makes things”… Rebate guides on planers are awesome. I’m going to rebate everything now, for ever more. Also, Fusion 360 makes… Read More »Monitor stand