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  1. Interested to read of the house construction. Looks a difficult site to work from. What brought me to your site was the reference to the use of the Holder tractor. I have a collection of these here( Opotiki) as part of my vintage collection. Is there any chance of some more photos of this particulaly of the conversion mounting of the Cortina engine. Also a photo of the tractor ID plate as I’m building up a register of the various models and relating that to years imported.
    Karl Wheeler

  2. Hi Karl,

    This particular Holder is owned by Cliff Glass, of Envirobuild. He’s based in Raumati and if you’re ever passing through, I expect he’d be open to a visit.

    Mighty Mouse, as it is known, is on it’s third engine. It is a very handy little machine.

    Next time I get the chance, I’ll see if I can get some pics but I admit, I don’t get up that way very often.

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