Xmas, therefore DIY

It’s the holiday season so, in accordance with both tradition and ancient prophecy, I’m making bits of wood into bigger bits of wood.

This will be the shelf to hold the cable modem, router, and bike helmet and gloves. Cliff provided a two metre length of 200 mm wide lawson cypress, but it’s only 16 mm thick and a tad cupped. So, I’ve cut it in half and I’m gluing and screwing the two pieces together. To remove the cupping, the pieces have been soaking in the bath for a day and now are screwed and clamped to each other. The boards are also thinner through the centre, so even when they’re clamped to be flat on the outside, there’s a gap in the centre, so there’s now copious filler between them. Whether this will be sufficient remains to be seen.

The last piece of trim around the front needs to be 150-170 mm wide. So, angled pocket screws, all held down by tieke‘s buckets of chain:

And yes, no matter how many clamps I have, I always end up needing one more.


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