Fixing a broken kickstand sensor on a Sur-Ron Light Bee… with nothing but your teeth

Are you a dumb-arse? Did you read all the internet posts about how you should disconnect the kick-stand sensor before riding the dirt because cable to the sensor is fragile and exposed and when it’s damaged you’ll be stuck out in the bush with a Sur-Ron that doesn’t go?

Did you ignore those posts and think “she’ll be right”?

Did you go riding in the dirt and rip the kickstand sensor cable? Are you now stuck up Hukinga track with a bike that says “Err-244” and won’t go. Are you looking at a 10 km walk back to the van? Did you bring plenty of spanners and cereal bars but no soldering iron or even a knife?

Hukinga track, in the rain

If so, you are me this morning. So here’s my tutorial for fixing this with no tools but your teeth.

If your torn-off kick-stand sensor cable looks like this:

Then turn off the power. Use your teeth to tear back the insulation on the kickstand sensor cable, coz you are a tool-using primate most of the time, but not today.

(Sorry for crap photo but it was raining.)

On my bike, there’s three wires: black, brown, and blue. There’s also a handy label tucked into the insulation saying what the wires do.

When the kickstand is up, the sensor connects the brown and black wires so that’s the fix. Just strip those (teeth again), twist together to bypass the sensor and make the connection. The bike will be convinced the kickstand is up and you’ll be away.

Don’t connect the blue and the brown, like a dumbarse (ie me), coz then the bike won’t even start. Brown and black is your friend.

Make it nice and tidy… or don’t. Either way, check that the bike works… and it did.

At this point, stop and eat one of those cereal bars and think about all the puddles on the way back to the van. The gorge track is basically all puddles. So you’re going to need to water-proof your dodgy bodge of a wiring job.

Get that cereal bar wrapper, tuck the wiring inside, use a big of string from your sun-glasses bag to tie that all up.

Splash every puddle on the way back to the van.

Then get home and cover those loose wires in E6000 and heat-shrink and zip-tie that cable out of the way for a more permanent solution.

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