KnowYourStuffNZ at Splore

Russell Brown of Public Address asked KnowYourStuffNZ to talk at Splore about the progress we’re seeing in drug checking in NZ. Wendy was busy, so it fell to me. She made me promise not to say “mad pingers yeah bring it boyee”. Here’s the transcript:
Speaking as equals: the rise of Know Your Stuff

Does include me saying: ‘We’re open from 10 until six o’clock… If you come along at like five to six and go, “we’re going out tonight, we’ve got shitloads of drugs, five different things we want to test”, we’ll be like, “it’s 6pm, come on mate, seriously”.’

And I was brushing my teeth at a tap in the Splore campground at 7 am when one of the organisers wandered up and said “do you want to be on TV tonight”.
So I said “mmm mmmm mmm” coz I was brushing my teeth and he took that as a yes.
TVNZ One News: “Splore music festival open about drug testing due to changing attitudes”

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