NZ is in lockdown

It’s important to keep structure in your life so here’s my plan to get through this lockdown:
Day 1: Clean the house
Day 2: Clean the house again, from top to bottom
Day 3: Clean house, but sideways this time
Day 4: Clean the house more, with bonus polishing
Day 5: Clean all those crevices that have never been cleaned before
Day 6: Build scaffolding, clean the ceilings
Day 7: Make detailed spreadsheet to predict when important cleaning supplies might run out
Day 8: Clean the dust that has landed in the house since the last time I cleaned the house
Day 9: Make a spelling mistake on my cleaning plan and accidentally clean the hose
Day 10: Clean behind the skirting boards
Day 11: Nail skirting boards back onto walls
Day 12: Organise remaining cleaning supplies alphabetically
Day 13: Catastrophe! Last remaining scouring pad blows out during high-speed scrubbing
Day 14: Venue to supermarket for replacement scouring pads
Day 15: Look at garden, see how dirty it is, realise that way lies madness and resolve to only clean inside the house
Day 16: Polish rocks in the garden
Day 17: Polish peddles in the garden
Day 18: Become overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation and give in to despair
Day 19: Mostly just crying
Day 20: Catatonia
Day 21: Motherfuck! Realise I have a water blaster

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