2019 summary

  • Started my fourth career – back in the private sector helping to stand up a ClimateTech private equity fund. This is basically my dream job, even if part-time for now.
  • Got through some major wins in my third career with $18 million for the Bioresource Processing Alliance and Product Accelerator, and increases for the Commercialisation Partner Network and PreSeed Accelerator Fund. Investment in research for the circular economy and for high-value manufacturing is where New Zealand’s long-term wealth will come from.
  • Spent a lot of time asking myself “What would Mariana Mazzucato do?”
  • KnowYourStuffNZ continue to step up our work – lots of great new volunteers and people taking more responsibility, lots of support from festivals and festival-goers, found new drugs before Customs found them, and I eye-rolled my way through my first live TV interview, gaining the nickname “Dr Jez the Fact Cannon”.
  • Made Chlöe Swarbrick cry, in a good way of course.
  • KnowYourStuffNZ made serious political progress with Young NZ First & Young Nats unexpectedly on board and “overwhelming” public support.
  • Wendy & I managed to remain polite with a certain Member of Parliament. It was close though.
  • Enjoyed being in a position to direct some career opportunities towards a few very bright younger people.
  • Went to too many festivals.
  • Went to Ignition without my usual crew… and had a great time because lots of people were looking out for me.
  • Billy christened my new bike the “magic future bike“, coz it really is.
  • Planted more, although not as many plants as Andrea.
  • Was complimented on the quality of my banter by Police officers. I was not expecting this.
  • Actually had fun in Auckland, with the help of several friends.
  • Didn’t do The Goat, again.
  • Did shear sheep, badly.

New Year’s resolution:
To stop being polite to people equivocating about the climate emergency because, to quote someone else working on the climate fund, “I’m done fucking around”.

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