Mitochondrion Mark 5.0.1 progress: almost enough LEDs

The answer to the question “how many LEDs?” is always “moar!”. However, I think this counts as “almost enough”:

And you’ll note from the change in version number that the Mark 5.0 power design didn’t work out. The Mark 5.0.1 power design is underway. In short, while I could fit 18.2 mm diameter cells into a 19.6 mm space which also holds circuit boards and wiring, “could” is not the same as “should”. Hence the delicate trade-off of diameter, length, weight, energy, power, charging, balancing, and not catching fire means that 16340 cells are looking better than 18650s. This will result in downgrading the peak power output from “portable apocalypse” to “merely seizure inducing”, but you can’t have everything.*

* – Well, to be precise, you can have everything, but a large fraction of everything is planned for release in future versions.

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