January 2009

So here’s me fettling the Mitochondrion, mark 3. I’m not as happy with it as I could be, coz it’s good, but it’s not as… Read More »

It’s been a weekend of learning how to avoid heartache and trauma, of learning how not to put myself in situations where I feel trapped… Read More »

Secret mission – success! No, I’m not telling you.

On friday evening, the 4 kb of program memory on the Mitochondrion was 98.9% full. I’ve had a weekend of rewriting code neater, tinier and… Read More »

If global warming is real then why is it cold?


There will be stealth missions with the Mitochondrion. Umm… yes, carrying around a five-foot long, 600 lumen, colour changing strobe that can be seen from… Read More »Gibbering