December 2008

I don’t do introspection in public, so no memetic list of how I’ve been this year (who am I kidding). But here’s what other people… Read More »

Thanks to all for dropping by. Was great to see everyone and run out of chairs. Was also great amusing to be serenaded by the… Read More »

As the Geek Mansion will sadly be lacking the two occupants who are best at cooking, A&I will be entertaining guests at home in the… Read More »

Mitochondrion Video footage of the Mitochondrion has finally found it’s way onto the web. Or at least, here’s footage of the current version, running some… Read More »Mitochondrion

I just told the head of the New Zealand Navy where to go. And then I showed him. There may have been gestures. Also, I… Read More »

I, for one, welcome our new minimal techno overlords. (Tune I’m refering to starts coming on at 5-6 minutes in. And by tune, I just… Read More »

From the comments at james_nicoll‘s LJ: : I’m getting pretty tired of singularity stories. : If current trends continue, at some point Domestic Cattle Neurons… Read More »