November 2008

I like living in a city where people can say to themselves: “shall I continute to trundle along in fairly light commuting traffic, or shall… Read More »

“The young… overwhelm themselves with drugs and artificial stimulants. Subtly is lost and fine distinctions based on acute reasoning are carelessly ignored in a headlong… Read More »

Courtesy of the nice people at b3ta Background – British Nationalist Party loses entire membership list, list gets put online. Also, BNP not just policemen,… Read More »


I remember promising some tunes to someone on friday. Was it you? What did I promise? Coz I can burn them for you right now.… Read More »Crap

There have been calls for this LJ to feature more hot n3kk1d pics of me and less geeking out. As is well known, I live… Read More »

All I want is a photograph of a cheetah in a bow tie, without an eyepatch. It’s not much to ask, is it? But the… Read More »


Wrath is out (the Warcraft expansion, for those of you yet to reach the 21st Century). I didn’t queue up at midnight, but: “Scott Hamshere,… Read More »*fnargle*

New Horizons is about the size of a grand piano and it’s on its way to Pluto. That’s pretty awesome. It set off in 2006… Read More »

This seems appropriate, from eight years ago: “Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’”

Job number 38 (the hard one) done.

This blog has recently discussed shed-built electronics, land speed record cars, trampolines, taxes, economic growth theories, osciloscopes, digging trenches, and logic tables. Obviously, the internet… Read More »