September 2008

It wasn’t doing what I thought it should. This continued for quite some time. So, gasp shock horror, I asked someone. And richdrich said “they’re… Read More »

Van fixed

Four injector seals – $10 Labour to fit – $900 Bastard Mercedes. Next time, we’re getting a Toyota. (The van is ex-DHL, hence the yellowness.… Read More »Van fixed

Wandering through town today, I noticed a Holden V8 with a plate saying “HIS TOY”, and the strapline “No Women Drivers”. And someone had stuck… Read More »

So I’m biking home last night, I happened to roll up at the lights next to someone on a new and shiny Harley. Holy crap,… Read More »

‘kin flies. *lets fly out* … ‘kin more flies. *lets more flies out* … Why are there more flies in here? *lets more flies out*… Read More »

After far too long and far too much hassle, we have a building consent. Okay, it’s only to do the bottom half of the house,… Read More »


This weekend’s Mitochondioning produced a whole bunch of virtual stuff, and the successful testing of this new shiny thing: Yup, it’s dinky. It’s so dinky,… Read More »Dinkyness


Yes. Had a most chilled out weekend, which involved snowboarding friday, flips into the Rimutaka gym foam pit sat, and aerials training sunday. And a… Read More »Spring