August 2008

I’d thought about writing a post about Investigate’s idiotic cover story, but didn’t bother, as it’s so ludicrous that no-one could get taken in by… Read More »

is off in Blouder, Colorado, at the Aerial Dance Festival. She says: “I saw a fox! It was cute! I saw prarie dogs! They were… Read More »

…from which we can only conclude that architects, all of them, smoke far too much dope. (Just for once, I’m not complaining about the house.… Read More »

Oh dear

The Mitochondrion, Mark 3 is pushing the hardware I’m using to the limit. And there isn’t better hardware, or there wasn’t when I started. But… Read More »Oh dear

The exercise that’s currently kicking my arse at gymnastics just involves standing. Standing upright is hard.