June 2008

I seem to have arrived at work without my brain…

Currently, main job involves reading screeds of theory, then thinking about it and applying it to current situation. This makes my brain rather full and… Read More »

I’ve just written a page and a half on Aristotle and his approach to innovation theory and the knowledge-based economy. It’s all surprisingly informative. I… Read More »

Dim-Post is patchy, occasionally awesome: United Future Promises Ministry of Kittens “‘The Green Party hates kittens,’ Dunne told the conference.”

Monday thots

Further results from my epistemological gerrymandering, I want to to set up a department of Theolology – the study of Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.… Read More »Monday thots

Me and acoustic guitars just don’t sit well together. They’re just not enough, I want music that’s information dense. Am now listening to glitchy rough… Read More »