May 2007


Pirates sucks donkey’s cock. It sucks it long and hard. If you had a donkey who’s cock needed sucking, this would make it good value… Read More »Pirates

Pirates 3

Turns out I have a spare ticket for Pirates, saturday, Embassy, 8.30 pm. Who’s in?

found at


Okay, Pirates, Embassy, 8.30 pm saturday, me, , , , . I will get tickets this arvo, so tell us if there’s a change of… Read More »Moofie


Right then, Embassy, this weekend, times are: Friday, 5.30 pm or 8.50 Saturday, 8.30 Sunday, I can’t wait till sunday Who’s keen, and when?

Oooh, me!

Page A18, Dom Post, spotted by . Although, being one of NZ’s rocket science experts is rather like being one of NZ’s experts in Norwegian… Read More »Oooh, me!


First light on the Mitochondria.* Think I’ve found all the bits for OSTOF Mk2a at Shiny. I am ignoring everything, coz I have damn fine… Read More »Progress

On the scrounge

Does anyone have a microphone I can borrow till Shiny? Cheap, crappy, anything will do.


I just wandered through the Parliamentary grounds on the way back from town. The large rally there had a most passionate speaker, ranting about the… Read More »Sigh…