March 2007

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a very tiring weekend.


There was much nailing. Then there was much sweating. Then there was much boozing. Too much of all three.


All the cool kids might be heading to Auckland, but I’m going to the Cross.

This morning, walking along by a busy road in the rain, head down, hood up, tunes on, I could have been in England. Damn you,… Read More »

As part of my “doing nothing” project, I’m gonna go see movies. These movies: 300 – a review said its like “just ass kicking that… Read More »


I’m happy to hear feedback, coz you might think its good, but I want it to be better.


I have stuff to write about, but that requires thinking, so instead, its not-Caturday: “it’s amazing how quickly a cat’s lives disappear if you have… Read More »Randoms