February 2007


I don’t want much. Well, sleep and a house, but I don’t want much I can buy in the shops. However, I miss my Psion… Read More »Swoon

For the ladies…

You’ll no doubt be glad to know that I’m approximately the least muscular man appearing in Gravity and Other Myths.


I am so broken right now. Apologies to anyone who wants coherent thought out of me, or even spoken sentences. Next weekend may be worse.… Read More »Erff…


Just picked up , , and a million stilt dancers and drummers from the airport, back from their China trip. There will be tales to… Read More »Erff

Safety Third!

Given that next year’s Kiwiburn plans all seem to involve hot things, burning things, electricity and generalised flesh-mangling capabilities, perhaps we should start first with… Read More »Safety Third!

What, here?

And someone drove past this morning in a Bugatti. It looked something like this: either a Type 38 or a Type 44, perhaps? Was too… Read More »What, here?


Back now, in one (physical) piece. More words later, coz frazzled, but: Urh… wow.