January 2007

Perilous Circus Festival

There will be more words and photos, but I started this morning at 6 am, so I need a shower and sleep.


As Hesperus says, Sunday afternoon, Civic Square, free circus festival. Performances and workshops 12 till 5, the awesome is on stilts at 2 pm, and… Read More »Perilous!

My Turn!

Yes, its finally my turn to call you all pikey pikers from Pikestan. And of course, once yous headed off, he started playing some of… Read More »My Turn!

T-Nation order

I’ll be putting in another order to T-Nation at the end of the week. Anyone want to share postage?

Sunny holidays

My life seems to be particularly fantastic right now. Digging, chilling, reading, make for happy me. So to stop me being so annoyingly happy, I’m… Read More »Sunny holidays