December 2006


is crap at robbing banks. When we drilled through the hinges, she was all gleefull, but then as we’re moving the huge pile of cash,… Read More »Curses!

Dancing boys

(and girls) Its the Wellington Circus Trust xmas party, with student performances, including our very own . 6-9 this evening, Te Whaea (the old winter… Read More »Dancing boys


We’re off to Auckland for a gig over the New Year. Any recommendations for a place to stay? Cheapish, quiet. Also, what to do? I… Read More »Auckland


So I am eagerly awaiting the release of the national energy efficiency and conservation strategy from EECA. We are awaiting all morning, and EECA’s website… Read More »Awaiting


I am exactly where I want to be. Although a million dollars and a pony would be nice. Hell, make it a billion and I’ll… Read More »Me