November 2006


bowdlerizer wins! Our quarry will be Havana bar, from 6. It is here: I expect they probably do a pretty decent coffee as well.

Web ‘fuelling crisis in politics’ Yup.


If you include aikido, trapeze and climbing, training this morning makes eight training sessions in six days. Yay for not spending my days reading textbooks.… Read More »Rarr!

Dear Wind

My compliments on your attack this morning. Wrapping a newspaper around my face and suddenly blinding me while I was trying to cycle down Adelaide… Read More »Dear Wind

I’m still awake

That was fun. Cheers for coming. We have someone’s glasses. You might want them back. Give us a ring tomorrow, but not too early…

T-nation order

  I’m putting in a order to T-nation tomorrow. Anyone want anything to save on the postage?

Laser pointers

Does anyone have one or two that we can borrow? Its for science. I promise if they explode we’ll buy you new ones.