September 2006


My report is in the Dom Post, page A14, though sadly not on their website. However, the article says: “Scientists warn of energy crisis –… Read More »Woo!


Yesturday’s economics lecture included pirates! But not in the fun way. Mismatched superheros – Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit Oops, American Apparel no-sweatshop clothing made… Read More »Webbage


How not to be seen – Python/Halo mashinema Americans, we feel your pain. And kinda snigger lots – Report: U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting American Students’… Read More »Randoms


Climbing tonight, Fergs, 6 pm.

Dogs – sexually incontinent but we love them “the annual average usage of aggregates per person is now over 10 tonnes” – what do you… Read More »


Home is now on the web, via the joys of TelstraClear. Now, I just have to get the wireless modem/router acting as just a wireless… Read More »Telstrated