August 2006


Biked to work in a t-shirt today, so I declare it to be officially Spring. A friend unknowingly referred to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”… Read More »Spring!

Moving house

So, who wants to cruise round town on saturday in the Merc with the lowered suspension? Though I should point out that it’ll be lowered… Read More »Moving house

Whoops, nearly had another Chernobyll – near-meltdown incident at Swedish nuclear reactor. Best party ever. Fact number 5734: Magdalene College, Cambridge, owns all of Covent… Read More »

Oh gee

Wandering my way back home from the nights revels, an intoxicated lady asked if I was an “original gangster”. No, I am a bureaucrat. Although,… Read More »Oh gee


Climbing was fun last night. And Fergs really was the place to be, it was fair heaving. Managed the big overhang, possibly due to not… Read More »Climbing