June 2006

Autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity … just sayin. Oh, and Wild Kitten!

Look Around You

wins by for ever, although assistance was provided by the speediness of her internet connection.


Google Earth have updated their Wellington imagery. Round about feb-march this year, judging from the state of assorted construction around about the place. So, its… Read More »Swoon!


Despite all the snuggling into multiple duvets, there’s one part of me that still gets cold. Not my head, you’d be surprised at how warm… Read More »Erk

How to:

How to lose a war: Rear Adm Harris said: “They are smart. They are creative, they are committed,” “They have no regard for life, either… Read More »How to:

Fvck Yeah

Its not often you get to walk out of an exam going “fvck yeah!” So I think I may have crossed the line between annoyingly… Read More »Fvck Yeah