May 2006

Funny, but only to people who’ve lived in Swansea:

Oh Puck!

You shoudl have been at the game. There was drama, blood, suspense, blood, more blood. No, not the ‘canes, me playing skate hockey this arvo.… Read More »Oh Puck!

Total fluffage

Wikipedia knows everything: Fictional Icelandic people “The bicycle is a wonderful tool, but like any technological aid it can be used for… evil” Oops, UK… Read More »Total fluffage

“If ever an entire country needed to get laid, America is it.” from T-Nation, who described themselves as body-building’s think tank, which is rather like… Read More »


Don’t we hate them all. Yet essays and the interweb go together like Weebl and Bob. So here’s some old, English ones that should be… Read More »Essays


No clothing removed today, hurrah! And despite ‘s uncharitable refusal, I still managed to blag a lift home. All of two hundred metres, but hey,… Read More »Heh!