November 2005

More grump

To continue the no-sleep=grumpiness meme, we had a tom cat under the house *and* flatmates shagging. had to get the hose again. though should point… Read More »More grump

Picnic postponed

The weather is no fun, so we’re putting off the picnic at our section till next saturday, 1 till 3. Darn.


Today I did aikido, then aerials training, then stacking big hunks of wood, then got very dehydrated, and then had a beer on an empty… Read More »Blurghph

Macro results

Woo! I got a plus! I rock! A b+. I shall just go and shoot myself now


After thorough experimentation, we have discovered that I can’t do a pull-up with hanging on my waist.


Seems like I’m organising this one. Serenity, 6.50 pm at Reading on Saturday. Currently we have Wends+bro, Me, and A confirmed, and assorted other people… Read More »Serenity


We might be richer but are we happier? I dunno, so let’s find out: A genuine progress indicator for NZ Moore’s law for wind power… Read More »Hope