February 2005

Okay, clothes swapping party, our new flat (ChrisB’s old flat) in Mt Cook, sunday 1 pm. Everyone invited. Well, everyone who has clothes. No nudists… Read More »

In Nature?

Ken Macleod does vampires. And cryogenics. In Nature journal, of all places. “It’s 2045 and I’m still a vampire. Damn.”

Just been to an excellent and packed out talk on abrupt climate change at NIWA. Excellent for the chap’s use of good, solid evidence, and… Read More »


And today I rode my bike to work. No sitting in cars, or on trains. Took me 15 minutes, including looking at the view, and… Read More »Yes!

Let’s try that again

coz it broke yesturs From neebow who takes pretty, narcissistic pictures.


So today was planned in for packing. Instead, aikido, coffee, hung with the whanau, took the hyper 8-year old nephew to the skate park for… Read More »Diverted

Thorndon stupormarket is full of pirates. It may also be full of ninjas, but I didn’t see any. Also, there were no ponies or kittens… Read More »