It wasn’t doing what I thought it should. This continued for quite some time. So, gasp shock horror, I asked someone. And richdrich said “they’re bipolar inputs”, and I went “eh?”, and he said “put a resistor just there”, and then it worked.

So the sound input circuit is working enough* that it can be tested using external inputs. To the right of the test setup you’ll see one such external transducer.

And in other news, tunes, contempory dance, sunshine, training, cartwheels, arms like noodles, gelato, sleeping. Like usual.

And Charlie Stross is on fine form today, pointing out the downright weirdness of having “ Taikonauts space-walking overhead while the chairman of the Federal Reserve is on his knees?“. But it’s happening right now. Still, I’m not sure that I agree with his conclusion that this is the collapse of the American empire. Space walks and financial crises are just part of progress, the difference being that nations gorw out of the space walk stage and on to more useful things. Financial crises are a recurring part of the adult stage of the empire lifecycle, like parties and hangovers, and empires can survive through quite a few of them.

* – where “working enough” means, as usual, still needing pfaffing with, but working more than it was before.

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  1. Hey man, when you are done with this.. are you going to have schematics online? I’d like to see the part between the microphone and the input.

    Also, I’m thinking about my next project and I think it’s going to be a Nixie Tube clock, but instead of using Nixies I’ll be making really big mock-nixies using EL-wire inside of jars 🙂 I’ll probably use a microcontroller and a real-time-clock chip. I’m thinking about making a circuit board for this too, maybe I could ask you for help doing that?

    1. EL wire is cheating. Use proper nixies and it can double as a room heater.

      But yes, circuit boards, no prob. I want to write up everything when I’ve something to show for it, but yeah, there’s assorted tricks to learn. The blue PCB film? Works great with Kyocera printers. Crap with Brother printers. Stuff like that.

      1. While nixies are cool, I think a row of 6 upside down pasta-sauce jars with glowing digits in them will look pretty damn cool too 🙂

        I’ll probably also make a second set of digits maybe 50CM high to hang on a wall.

        Thanks for the offer to help me with the circuit board. I’ll probably be messaging you in 4 months about it!

        1. I was wondering if one could make a plasma lamp that had several electrodes and hence displayed a digit.

          I guess your Nixie board will need 7 triacs per channel to switch the 330VAC to the elwire, unless you can get an off-the-shelf switch.

          1. It’d actually need 10 triacs per digit, since I’m not arranging the EL wire like a 7-segment display, I am using a dedicated wire for each digit just like a nixie tube would do (although there are 7 segment nixie tubes too).

            Just in the lofty brainstorming stage of the project anyways. I think it might be too much work and money just for a silly clock that will cost me tons to ship back to Canada anyways heheh. But anyways, I was thinking about using a real time clock chip and a microcontroller. Output BCD for each digit to demultiplexer chips (I think that’s what they’re called, never used one before. takes 4 binary inputs.. has 16 outputs) and then each output of the demux chip to an optoisolator and then to a triac.

            Like I said.. lofty brainstorming still.


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