The complete NZ-made content of the Mitochondrion

Yup, that’s the only bit of the Mitochondrion that’s made in NZ, by Rakon. It will make up 0.008%, by volume, of the Mitochondrion. It’s an oscillating crystal that harmonises the energies and synchronises unstructured intentions into a holistic coherent whole, man! </hippy> Actually, that’s what it is, and that’s what it does, resulting in the processor being overclocked four times, from really slow, to mildy slow.

I feel like I should add in some comment about economic development, and how we’d be much richer if we were selling these and not milk powder, but f’it, there’s no reason not to do both.

12 thoughts on “The complete NZ-made content of the Mitochondrion”

  1. I strongly suspect the level of environmental contamination potential involved with large scale mass production of electronic oscillators might even be worse than that associated with farming.

    I’ll have to ask .


  2. Randomness

    I know someone who works for Rakon.

    Your finger is not NZ made.

    Hand cream is your friend.

    PS If I had an oscillating crystal, it’d be bigger and shinier and maybe worn around my neck like a talisman. Just so when people asked, I could say “It’s my oscillating crystal.”

    (i may have a similar desire to own a butt gauge for this reason)

    1. Re: Randomness

      Given that I’ve been here seven years, and all the atoms in your body turn over in seven years*, I can claim to be entirely uNZud.

      Finger + aerials => constant immersion in hand cream needed. And then I’d never get much done.

      And my oscillating crystal would be bigger, crystaline and osciliating at about 40 Hz**. This one is 16 MHz, so not audible. Also, it would just hover near me, menacingly.

      * Kinda. Except for bones and teeth. And a few other things. Plus or minus some years, depending.
      ** I may have plugged the laptop into the sub and fired up the audio tone generator to check this.

        1. Re: Randomness

          Hmm… playing around with square waves produces strange things. Don’t know if that’s down to hardware limits on the laptop or weird shit happening inside ears.

    1. erm…

      Follow the link, and poke around a little, and you’ll discover that has it’s headquarters about 700km (by road) north of the capital of Nu Ziland…

      So, what’s stopping you?

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