That’s 250 microns

JezCo is proud to announce our new 0.25 mm technology. Don’t be too impressed, this brings us into the 1950s. For the Twenty-First Century state of the art, Intel is working on their 45 nanometre technology. Yup, the gaps between my wires are 0.25 mm; the gaps between their wires are 0.000045 mm. It’s humbling to know that I’m doing this 5000 times worse than it can be done.

Then again, I am doing this in the kitchen.

These are the hardest parts, to the point where I’m not sure I can do it. This board isn’t good enough, coz the 0.25 mm technology is a pain in the arse. However, whilst eating curry, I had a brainwave, making this bit much, much easier. Now I just need to be able to solder like a superhero and I’ll be sweet.

Also, I had an immensely boozy weekend, culminating in vodka shots in the Paramount on monday morning. This is unusual for me.

11 thoughts on “That’s 250 microns

  1. From the look of that, you’ve got surface mount stuff as well as more ‘normal’ components, right?

    You will need to solder like a superhero won’t you?

    1. Yeah.
      My soldering is frankly dire, at the best of times.

      Curse you, physical reality! Where’s my universal nanotech assembler!

      But hey, at least now, post-brainwave, I can put all the components on just one side of the board, making lining everything up a process that can be done by the laser printer, not by large, clumsy me.

    1. I dunno, with a similar budget I’d probably just order the PCBs for $20/square inch from China and spend the remaining $999,999,950 on a pony. And maybe a yacht on which to ride the pony.

        1. Well, I do have to keep some money back for the yacht. It’s not cheap, buying the supertanker/aircraft carrier/iceberg and then installing turf and a fresh-water sprinkler system.

          (And the requisite pool of sharks with lasers, of course.)

    1. While that’s totally awesome, I can’t help being disturbed by the dizzying array of… non-food consumables. do people actually eat that shit?

      1. Hmm… now imagine replacing the toner in your laser printer with icing sugar, and you could do edible printed circuit boards for reals!

  2. Yeah, that’s how I’m funding the Mitochondria.

    I just need to see if Blackwoods Paykels will accept 50,000 of them in return for a decent lathe…

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