Bite off more than you think you can chew, then chew really hard

This is a bit of the Mitochondria, step 4.2:

Anyone who knows about electronics shouldn’t look too closely, coz it’s far from perfect, but it’s not bad for my first home made PCB.

Also, this is wrong. I spotted the two errors just before I started soldering the connections. Bother. It’s wrong to the point where I need to throw this one away and start again with a new board. It’s a good job I’m very, very stubborn.

Also, this is fiddly. Step 5 is only going to get worse. Next year I’m going to make something out of wood, with tolerances of plus or minus half a yard, none of this 0.25 milimetre bollocks.

11 thoughts on “Bite off more than you think you can chew, then chew really hard

    1. Environment schmironment

      Hey, this is home made, crafted with loving care by an artisan who has worked in this field for tens of days.

      But given what the Mitochondria will replace, I reckon we’re in for a net win overall.

    1. Re: Rhi =/= Electrician-type person

      Printed circuit board – instead of a mess of wires going everywhere, you just have copper tracks on a bit of fiber-glass. There is at least one in every electronic thing you own. I guarantee that your PCBs will be better than my home-made ones.

      Making them at home involves a laser printer, an iron and some fairly harsh chemicals, in precisely that order. Swearing also seems to be a vital ingredient.

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