Packaging Rant

So I get home and there’s a package for me! Coz of the internet, I’ve been shopping. Shopping for deeply geeky parts.

The package looked like this:

Inside that looked like this:

Inside that looked like this:

And finally, inside that were these:

Just to confirm the scale, it went from this to this:


Actually, I’m only whingeing coz I wanted all thirteen pieces I ordered, and they are out of stock on all but these two. This was going to be all the parts for the Mitochondria, step 5. Instead… curses! But hey, should get step 4 done this weekend, providing Robin Hood doesn’t interfere too much.

Also, The Glasshouse is really good. Phillip K. Dick for the 21 C.

7 thoughts on “Packaging Rant

    1. The same kind of person who bitches coz his resistors aren’t here yet, even though he won’t get around to using them this weekend.

    1. Hey, there’s always music in my head.

      Okay, today it’s atonal, ayrythmic banging, counterpointed by a laser printer, but doesn’t all music sound like that these days?

  1. From a decade or so of unpacking shipments, there seems to be a minimum logistical size for anything (eg Memory DIMMs) which I gather is designed to ensure that the package doesn’t get lost in the corner of some disorganised courier’s van.

    Remember too, that the package may spend some time in the bottom of a container-load of stuff considerably denser, and you’d like it to arrive not-broken, not-bent, and not-crushed, wouldn’t you?

    Have you ever peeked into one of the local courier’s vans around town? Particularly as they pack in everything that everyone wants shipped tonight but don’t discover the need until 4pm… It surprises me that more stuff doesn’t go astray in transit, but what usually gets stolen/lost is the high value smallish things like laptops. This is why these days there are barcodes everywhere, and the driver has to scan everything in and out of his vehicle – so he gets paid for what he picks up & delivers and the company knows where any package was last sighted.

    I have had the occasional delivery “lost” for a day or two because the courier overlooked it, or it disappeared into an obscure corner of his vehicle. Frustrates the hell out of the customer who expected it yesterday and all you can say is “it’s in transit but we don’t know where…”…

    1. All very true, but given that its two surface mount components, approx 12 mm x 8 mm x 3, it could have gone in a padded letter envelope.

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