Vanity, and dancing. Also, cats.

I tried videoing OST-OF! Even with fancy camera, it just doesn’t work, coz its designed for human eyes, not mechanical ones. So instead, here’s me. Me! Half-way through the Karapoti, hence only two-thirds broken.

Continuing my post-whorage this month, here’s an aerials vid of Sharm, who started aerials at the same time as us, performing in Las Vegas at this show, and shortly off to join this circus in the UK. SFW, unless they’re really up tight.

Its tuesday. Really it is. Oh, okay, it can be caturday instead

5 thoughts on “Vanity, and dancing. Also, cats.”

      1. No

        You look intensely intent. This is your default look. *patpat*

        I meant the German officers. I lol’d. Literally. I never lol.

        (i am not very smeart today, brainfuzz ftl basically)

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