12 thoughts on “Kiwiburn Pics

    1. That’s the plan for next year. And given the amount of wood we burnt, I reckon 95%+ of the emissions came from people driving to the site.

      At least they didn’t fly to Burning Man.

  1. I am sitting down. Stealing pics off your site, mainly….

    And maybe doofing in my chair, just a little.

    I planted a tree. Not at Whakamaru, but a tree just the same. That count?

  2. Great pics.

    And yes, KB should look at offsetting emissions, it’s one of those things that’s doable once you’ve got something sorted – and this year, that was all very last minute πŸ˜›

    1. Last year at the juggling festival was just awesome. This year, however, it clashes with CUba Carnival, so lots of the circus people here are tied up with that, and I’m a tad festivalled-out.

      So sorry, but not this year.

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