Thanks to pombagira, I now have a kete full of tacky crap, including a plastic tiki, a black singlet and some jaffas. Apparently, the presentation of the tacky crap is a traditional part of the ceremony. But now I’m officially here.

And any risk of taking it too seriously was removed by the oil painting hanging in the Council Chambers, of Mark Blumsky as Pimp Daddy, getting his mack on down Courtney Place.

And in other news, this course has now taken over my brain so I am in ‘absent-minded professor’ mode. If you notice that I have toast stuck to my head, please just remove it without pointing it out to me, as interruptions from reality are problematic right now.

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  1. Im kind of dissapointed that there is no pic of you holding said kete whilst wearing black singlet and eating jaffas , plastic tiki hanging around your neck and badge on your shirt – hopefully whilst waving some kind of “New Zealand is awesome flag “

    but in all seriousness , ive looked for tacky stuff like that and found nothing , where is it all located ? Apart from on you that is…

    1. Iko iko, I believe.

      And I would have worn the singlet, except it did say “formal dress”. Then again, it also said “national dress”, so while I can’t wear the singlet for my own citizenship ceremony, I could validly wear it for someone else’s now…

  2. Congrats on becoming an NZer. Now if you go to London you can hang out with loads of other NZers (there seems to be some sort of homing device that comes with the passport) and talk loads about how nice it would be to go back to NZ.

    Do you still want the 20 page summary of the thesis? I battled with it for ages, and then gave up. But I have two draft conference papers plus an article that’s under review for the Journal of Political Philosophy, which put together comes to only a bit more than 20 pages and pretty much covers everything I’m doing. So if you send an email to, I can emailage them to you if you want.

    P.S. A while ago, in response to Specialknives’s question about English etiquette, you noted that its generally OK to be randomly violent after a major sporting match. Sooooo true! I got smacked round the head just for walking down the street smiling in the immediate aftermath of the English soccer defeat. So much to learn before I fit in over here….

    1. Cheers.

      The problem with London is that, well, I’ve been there. I could go again, but I’m well-off enough that I’d have the money in my pocket to fly me back to NZ. So I reckon I could stand to live in London for another, oh, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes.

      And it did seem rather odd to me, that you can walk down Courtney Place at 1 am on a night where the Hurricanes have lost the match without there being a riot on.

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