If you will do a silly thing like trapeze

To remind tatjna what she’d miss out on if she didn’t read LJ, and to add to happyinmotion.com’s n3kk1d pics quota:

Not the best pic, but everyone’s probably too hung over/tired to worry. Hope TeeBee/Concord/every other D&B act in the world was good last night and most of the morn.

Comment by Royal Society Policy Analyst, Dr Jez Weston

Last week, New Zealand’s Climate Science Coalition called for a Royal Commission to sort out the truth on climate change – is it happening, are we causing it, and do we need to worry? They claim the IPCC is biased. We quite agree that the IPCC is biased, but in a different direction.

When it comes to the conclusions that we can draw from the vast wealth of evidence about climate change, a wide range is found. On one hand, we have the Climate Science Coalition, who simply don’t believe that there is a problem. On the other, we have people like James Lovelock in the UK, or Peter Barrett over here, who fear that civilisation may end this century. Somewhere in the middle lies the reality.

The IPCC presents a consensus position, based upon much discussion and agreement. This is a credible position, but it is also inevitably conservative. The IPCC does not reflect a median position; it reports conclusions that far more than half of climate scientists would agree with. Hence the reality is probably worse than the IPCC presents.

In the meantime, everyone else has stopped worrying about if it is happening and are just getting on with it. The South Australian government has just announced a commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050. Our own government has just announced the terms for the National Energy Strategy and the climate change work programme. Given that these governments are advised by the conservative IPCC, are these steps going to be enough?

13 thoughts on “If you will do a silly thing like trapeze”

  1. I like the *cough* light in that picture.

    (the universe should conspire to buy me a new camera, oh yes it should. THEN there would be nekkid pics on somethingorother.com)

    *nods in approval*

    1. Not bad for just the random light hanging from the bedroom ceiling, eh?

      Oh, you mean the *cough* light… I dunno, it all looks rather lumpy and deformed…

    1. Well hey, I’m working on it. Am only training once a week right now, so spindliness is impending.

      Also, I think that scientists aren’t supposed to be hot, so what is doing back in the lab is a complete mystery.

      1. yeah, as far as cover identities go, policy analyst and scientist are not even remotely convincing. Back to the spy and/or witness protection plan drawing board for both of you, your cover is blown.

        And that was definitely a complimentary “guh” 🙂

        1. Yes, its true, I am a soviet spy. Well, what do you expect from a Cambridge chap?

          And, you know, I was hoping for a complimentary *thud*. Back to training, I suppose.

    1. That’s a delightfully ambiguous phrase.

      And, I wanted removable ones, but they were out of stock. So I have to carry these around all the time. Honestly, for hill-climbing on a bike, they’re just dead weight.

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