I think its more my colour

I’d call this mauve:

And I started watching The Office, which is apparently the Funniest Thing Ever In The History Of MANKIND!!!!

I managed three minutes before giving up. What’s the point? Its like watching a man with broken legs trying to run a marathon. At first, its saddening. After a while, you realise he’s not getting anywhere fast and then it just gets boring. So what is the point? If I want to be in that situation, then I’d have carried on at some crap jobs I’ve had. If I was a manager like that, would The Office make it okay, coz now I could carry on just as before, except I’d be doing it in an irony, ha-ha-I’m-so-like-David-Brent way? Is it just a safety valve, to stop people who are in that situation from changing that situation? Or are we just mocking the afflicted?

I didn’t find Alan Partridge funny either.

27 thoughts on “I think its more my colour”

  1. On my screen it’s fuchsia.

    Also, I’m glad there’s at least one other person out there who didn’t find The Office funny or entertaining.

    (but then, i laughed uncontrollably all the way through The Goodies so, you know..)

    1. After thorough consideration with experts1, it appears that the colour is indeed fuchsia, not mauve.

      And as for the Office/Goodies thing, we are worryingly alike. Are you sure you’re not my long-lost sister, stolen at birth and raised in the wilderness by wolves? Coz that would explain a lot.

      1 – I’m not saying what they were experts in, but they were definitely experts

        1. My flatmate got out The Last Goon Show Of All on DVD over the weekend and I almost hurt myself laughing. They’re DAMN funny. I recommend The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler Of Bexhill On Sea, that’s my favourite Goon Show.

        2. Would you like to? I have a few here (read: about 1 Gb of mp3’s)..

          I also have some Round The Horne, and I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, amongst others….

    2. Goodies = Funny. Especially the Big Bunny episode.

      The Office = Stupid. I wanted to slap the shite out of the annoying git and then stab the lanky guy in the eye with a fork so he’d look like he did in Pirates of the Carribean. It’s not a suggestion of “Oh, offices everywhere have he annoying git so it’s all ok.” It’s the fact that they’ve made a TV show out of something that people go home to avoid.

  2. i have kinda seen the office.. but i got board with it to fast.. so i guess you could say that idon’t find it funny either…

    so you decided to go with the mauve eye shadow today…. hmm.. dose that meanthat it is less with the owie??

  3. I tend to think of the Office as a prod for people stuck in the staff (i.e. Tim or Dawn)situation ( if they’re David Brent, well they don’t know they’re David Brent so they probably won’t get it).

    I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny, I think it’s designed to be deeply depressing.

    1. Ah, the whole ‘art as prod’ versus ‘art as saftey valve’ argument. The same discussion came up about SRL. I can’t say whether that’s a prod for the people watching, I never got to watch, but for the people involved, it definitely seems like a saftey valve, especially as it takes up lots of time and doesn’t return any money, hence the participants become even more attached to their high-paying geek tech jobs that provide the money/time to waste playing with art.

      1. Re: Too lazy to link properly

        I couldn’t really choose between:
        “a strong, vivid purplish red”
        “deep to vivid purplish red to vivid red”

        So you’re both right and you both get a kitten:

          1. Re: Too lazy to link properly

            22 comments? Obviously, if I’ve learnt anything from LJ, and I haven’t, its that I should focus less on thinking and more on both injuries and kittens. And injured kittens.

  4. I didn’t like it to start with either, but my bro watches it in the house lots, and now its grown on me. Like a fungus.

    Also, do you know who Martin Freeman is now?

    1. I didn’t even get that far. Sorry.

      Has he been in anything else that’s good? And with explosions and him being heroic, topless and buff?

  5. Im not a fan of the office , office space is funnier – although a movie and not at all like the former .


    Also the eye looks worse today so today should be devoted to making people feel sorry for you enough that they will purchase things for you!

    Cant wait till its all mottled yellow/purple. Fun times!

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