Oh Puck!

You shoudl have been at the game. There was drama, blood, suspense, blood, more blood. No, not the ‘canes, me playing skate hockey this arvo.

Got a puck in the eye. Copious bleeding and five stitches. Its odd, lying on your back feeling your eye socket filling with blood.

Still, looked more dramatic than it was and I reckon its good for at least three weeks off work*, so time to catch up on movies, watched with an ice pack over one eye to keep the bruising down. I will let you know if this alters the emotional impact of the movies.

And yes, that’s the second game running where I’ve got it in the face. I think I might get one of these:

*Well, maybe a day, tops.

20 thoughts on “Oh Puck!

          1. gosh.. that is going to be very owie, and oh so black tomorrow

            make sure you keep that icepack on it. and take it easy to fo the day tomorrow…

            and.. wear lots of black tomorrow.. *cheeky grin*

  1. Are you with a league / team or just a casual player – i have a friend that plays inline hockey ya see and all this violence and what im guessing is a good cardio workout seems kind of interesting to me .

    1. B-team in the league, so still pretty cas.

      Its a serious anerobic workout, my legs where stuffed a quarter of the way through the game. But then, I’m pretty unfit these days. Good training for boarding though, pretty similar muscles.

      Most of the violence isn’t serious. There’s a few that get mardy, but most is just boys fronting up. As for the women’s teams though, they can be nasty.

      1. Its funny that you say that about womens teams because ive found that in other sports as well. Water polo in particular , i used to play in a mixed team but it wasnt untill i was in the womens leagues that i got kicked in the face , punched , scratched , elbowed in the ribs , slammed into the side of the pool ect.

        That said it sounds fun , and cardio intensive . Maybe i should investigate it further…..

        That is a great looking injury , milk it for what its worth 😀

          1. Re: mardy?

            The maori word for this is ‘hoha’ .. at least I think it’s maori. It’s used in the shearing gangs.

            Tats – a mine of useless information since 2003!

  2. Ouch! that looks dramatic and painful. Make sure and take lots of pictures in the process and capture the exciting colors.

    Incidentally, we have many DVDs for your use.

  3. No hair and a black eye? All you need now is some really ugly tattoos and a thick Aussie accent and you could be an extra from Romper Stomper 😉

    1. I did notice people at the supermarket giving just a little bit more personal space. And I kind of like that.

      Maybe I should get something like this:

      Then I’d definitely get a double seat on the bus, and the kind of special attention from customs officers that you normally have to pay extra for.

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