Professor Google says:

Sex wins over drugs AND rock and roll.

cake or death?
ninjas or pirates?
cars or women?
getting up or falling down?
Me or you?… damn you.

And now, Real Science, Part 2:

That’s my how well my kiloWatt laser could focus, 1 KW into a spot 0.3 mm across, which makes it ten million times brighter than the sun. Hence it would melt metal in a thousandth of a second. The beam distribution should be smooth and nicely round. The top right picture shows the cross-section of the beam and frankly, its crap. But hey, we were glad to get that particular laser to turn on, let alone a decent Gaussian beam.

How did I measure the beam, bearing in mind the melty? With a very small mirror on the end of a cantilevered needle, spinning around at ludicrous speed, so it flicks through the beam in a very short time, then spends the rest of each rotation cooling down. Like this. And all this high-tech rotating-needle measurement kit was run off an Atari ST, booting off floppies. Did the job nicely.

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