Bits going everywhere

In terms of joyfully complicated machinery, the Napier Deltic takes the biscuit. An eighty-eight litre engine, with eighteen cylinders and thirty-six pistons. And its a diesel. All this fantastically byzantine engineering gets you up to four thousand horsepower.

Sadly replaced by gas turbines, which have one moving part that just goes round. How dull.

5 thoughts on “Bits going everywhere

  1. If I remember correctly, the Deltics were originally from WW2 torpedo boats and were do-mobbed, so to speak, into locomotives. Train buffs declare they have a specially lovely sound…

    1. Yup, though still used in minehunters until pretty recently. And wikipedia tells me that they only ever put one in a train, but what a beast it must have been.

    1. Yeah, its got the kind of teeth-pulling complexity that you get when a technology (reciprocating engines) is reaching its ultimate limit. Machinery like this makes people invent a completely new and far beter tech, jet engines, just to stop the mechanics from bitching about them.

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