knowledge flow geekery

So coz I’m a science policy wonk, I needed to know when the CRIs were set up (you know, AgResearch, NIWA, IRL, that lot). So I could ask Google, or I could look on the CRI’s increasingly corporate home pages. No, I asked Wikipedia. And Wikipedia knows.

I am gobsmacked. Approximately nobody needs to know that. Okay, maybe less than 50 people in the whole wide world need to know that, which compared to 6 billion, is pretty much zero. I shall have to remove Google from the altar and sacrifice kittens and small children to the huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the ultraworld that is Wikipedia.

If Google is the noosphere, Wikipedia is the icing and the cherry on top.

6 thoughts on “knowledge flow geekery”

    1. I read random pages to escape when I have too much to do. But today I have been a very good boy, hacked away at the huge Pile, and now things are looking a bit more reasonable.

      Wikipedia is like an eternal burning bush.

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