Picnic at our section

To celebrate our house design being finished, we’re going to have a picnic at our house-to-be in Brooklyn, where we shall walk about waving our hands at parts of the hill and saying “and this will be the kitchen”. And you can jump on logs, commune with nature and play with neighbouring cats.

Saturday the 26th, 1 pm till about 3, or when everyone is sunburnt. If its raining, then the next saturday. There is shade and birdies, but its not quite the verdant spot it was last year. We will bring ice. You may want decent shoes. And if you want sawdust or foot cube chunks of wood, then be our guest.

Wander along Clarence Street, to where all the trees have been chopped down, or get the number 7 to Mills Road by Vennell Street, wander down Vennell to the bowling club, then down the steps.

More pics:
Last summer’s picnic:

This summer’s carnage:

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      1. Is also Brooklyn fair that day, so people might want to take the scenic route, rather than go through the middle of the heaving metropolis that is Brooklyn.

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