Best cup of tea ever

You know those things that you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t realise that desire until after you’d done it? Well, I’d always wanted to have a cup of tea at a Nick Cave concert.

Randomness, as notabouthim hasn’t yet:
We need more like John Francis. The no-cars thing, not the silence, that is.

*is tempted*
*thinks of snowboarding*

Just coz:

Aside from that, no aerials class tomorrow for you budding aerialists. But there is a wire-walking workshop this weekend, for anyone interested. The wire is very low. I am hoping flu goes away for tomorrow, or I shall be livid.

4 thoughts on “Best cup of tea ever”

  1. wee tea

    and at a nick cave concert no less.. that sounded great, especally when russian dolls told me all about it when she got home.. *woot!!!*

    in the mean time i had coffee with pagans.. and you know what .. i mostly had fun.. but then that could be to do with the new people that have turned up reciently, and whats more they are not beginners which was nice…

    but i still reccon tea at a nick cave concert would of been loads more fun!!


    1. Yeah, its a pretty extreme reaction. But I’d personally say we have a moral duty to live within the planet’s carrying capacity, and if you choose to recognise that, then cars end up pretty immoral.

      And hey, think of the cash you save.

      1. hell, you’re telling me. Haven’t owned a car in hmm, a decade?

        still, spend the difference on rent to live near the centre of town so I don’t -have- to use transport. hmm.

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