House progress

Or at least, tree-hackage progress. All pics embiggenable.

What will look like:

currently looks like:

And this is A in the dining room, considering the decor. This is where we had the picnic at the Very Serious Tree Climbing party.:

Please, if you want some firewood, its free. This is a tiny fraction of it:

Aside from that:

  • tissu and swimming in one day make for tired shoulders.
  • civic sold on trademe for more than we thought it would
  • game theory still “not a good predictor of human behaviour”
  • Zim now, then sleep, then world domination

3 thoughts on “House progress

    1. This tree started with six metres of vertical, no branches. Hence the Very Serious nature of the climbing. Still, makes for good structural wood, in great thick foot-square posts and beams.

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