Yay! for unearned capital gains

So what with flogging the house in Pukerua Bay, it was time to go shopping. So new toys:

Yes, I’ve got a new bowl of fruit. Its the first fruit I’ve bought for six years, and the old fruit was getting a tad past it, despite running Redhat.

I want to call this Curious Yellow, after the feather from Jeff Noon, not the Swedish film. But I can’t coz its a van, and vans are not known for their curiosity. And good thing too, kittens being curious is cute, vans sticking their dumb noses into windows and crevices would just get dangerous.

5 thoughts on “Yay! for unearned capital gains

  1. I think you should call the van “Convenient holiday vehicle for all my friends”, or CHVFAMF for short, then get people so say it while eating peanuts.

    1. That’s ‘with’, not ‘for’

      But yes, needs an extra row of seats then its mission time.

      okay, its mission time when its not study time. I am *so* rock and roll, I know.

  2. I’m particularly impressed by the colour co-ordination between fruit and van. If they had had a van like that in Goodbye Pork Pie, they’d have been able to get from Auckland to Invercargill and back again!

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