Nah, we’re not really going to build a house

More house pics
From down the hill, looking up at trapeze space from ankle level:

And looking in same direction but inside trapeze space, looking up at stairs, mezzanine, and bedrooms:

hfs! We’re building a house! Can quite believe it myself, it all seems like we’re just kidding. We’re gonna say to the architect “house? we were pulling your leg mate” and then run off laughing.

5 thoughts on “Nah, we’re not really going to build a house”

    1. There will be some form of movable thermal insulation for the windows. I’m thinking blinds, coz curtains would have to be huge and untidy.

      The buff will still be fairly secret, on account of the excess of bush at the site*. You haven’t been there yet? We’ll have to go for a picnic soon.

      and I’m not planning on doing trapeze nwhen n3kkid, coz of friction burns

      1. Yay, picnic! Yes please.

        Speaking of which, what are you kind folk doing this evening? Was contemplating cups of tea an exchanges of pleasantries.

    1. Yes, with special earthquake resistant duct tape and dried bogies.


      Yes, its on a 35 degree slope, though north-facing. There’s going to be lots of proper engineering, and big concrete piles driven in at the back of the house. And a couple of single-storey retaining walls, with insulation and drainage behind, so the back of the house is dug in nice and snug to keep it all warm. This costs whimpersome amounts of money, but isn’t much more pricey than putting the whole thing on poles, and is lots warmer and less sticky-outy.

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