Back now

That turned out rather fun in the end. So here’s some pics of the scary Putney squat, now that it is no more.

I have sweets and presents. I also have jetlag. So see yous at some point.

12 thoughts on “Back now”

    1. The mask, in context, was fvcking creepy. The whole house was eww… wrong shaped rooms, threatening ceilings, mould, cracks in walls, hairs on back of neck standing up, shrinking feelings in places, too many shadows.

      But hey, free accommodation for poor kiwi’s in London. Thus a major point in its favour. And now Suraya has a better place, with sunshine and cleanliness and broadband and silk sheets. Mmmm, silk sheets…. like sleeping on a warm icerink.

          1. If the mask told you it was your friend then yay =) Having scary items as your friends is essential for maintaining a well balanced mind =)
            They don’t tend to like me anymore.. they say my mind has way too many chemical imbalances for us to get along =/

          2. Have I taught you nothing, young Grasshoper?

            The mask is hardly going to tell you that its a psycho crazy hellbitch demonspawn that plans to drink your soul, now is it? Would be handy if it did, coz then you could introduce it to your true friend, the blender. But it won’t.

            Anyway, its 6 am, I’m ironing. If I’ve got jetlag I might as well benefit from it.

      1. You got quite a bad vibe from the place, huh? I found it creepy, but generally okay.

        However, it’s been a bit spookier since I’ve been about to leave. Something started whispering at me whenever I pass by the first floor landing.

          1. It’s not bad as such, in that it doesn’t feel particularly threatening. Most people would rather their house didn’t speak though, you’ve got to say…

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