Woo! Junket-tastic

So work are sending me on a free trip around the world! And they’re sending me to …. Nottingham.

Was I particularly cruel to kittens in a previous life?

Anyway, free trip to see mates back in UK. Ok, not going to complain. Anyone in NZ want anything from UK? Or vice versa?

3 thoughts on “Woo! Junket-tastic

  1. Nottingham

    Wow…You must have been -really- bad in your last life…I went through Nottingham while I was over there. I didn’t stop. I think it was for the best.

  2. Ooooo.. how kinda cool

    hmmmm you know i have always wanted to go to nottingham *cheesy grin*.. i even wanted to be the sherif *laughs* i was younger then… *laughs more*

    hmm..bringing stuff back.. now lets see.. a picture of you with said sherif would be very cool!! and pics of your friends would also be cool.. oh and a nice english rock of some description would also be cool… *grins*.. i like rocks.. !!

    so when are you going then??

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