Trapeze and tissu show in Midland Park this lunchtime

As part of the Busking festival, Theaker von Ziarno is doing “daring aerial acrobatics” performances in Midland Park.

Free! Today! Now! Woo!

Times are 12, 12.45 and 1.30 today, Oriental Bay and Circa on saturday, Manners Mall on sunday. We’re going along to the lunchtime today shows, so ring us if you want to join up. Though you might have to listen to us saying “dizzy stag to motorbike? I’d have done samosa instead.”

12 shows in four days? my arms would have fallen off by then…

err, I know its short notice and all, but does anyone have a video camera? Its so rare that we get to see anyone else doing aerials, so we’d like to learn from it. Not that our tutor doesn’t utterly rock, but the more the merrier.

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