Like being savaged by a damp tissue

One of NZ’s few remaining climate change deniers has commented on my paper on sea level rise: this is the Royal Society of NZ. Listen carefully as they try to pull the wool over your eyes.

Its… oh wow. I make it five errors in the first paragraph. Can you spot them all?

5 thoughts on “Like being savaged by a damp tissue”

  1. I couldn’t help myself and commented, but not sure it’ll get through moderation…

    But I’ll have remember this guys approach when I next review a paper, just attack the summary or abstract of a paper using reducto ad absurdum. Makes it simpler than having to try and understand the whole article.

    1. He’s written 1400 words on just the press release and the first four sentences of the paper. If he’s going to put the same amount of time into misinterpreting the rest of the paper, then he’s going to be a very busy chap. Still, it should keep him out of trouble.

      I look forward to seeing his next post on this paper.

  2. Yes, because saying that the science suggests THING will happen but that we can’t predict when or how much THING will happen is absolutely disgraceful!

    The RS should totally talk in absolutes!

    Also, the guy lost me at how many world class men NZ has produced. Actually he lost me at about the point where he insisted that only specific predictions of maximum sea level rise would be good enough. At the ‘men’ statement I decided he’s a fuckwit and stopped reading.

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